Mini Cart


Taking vaping to the highest level!

Every E-njoint™ product is equipped with an NFC chip. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. A wireless technology to transfer digital data from one device to another. Most commonly used in Chip Cards applied in public transportation or cards to enter buildings etc. The NFC chip can be scanned using an NFC reader or a smartphone containing an NFC reader.

Recycle and win!

The NFC chip in E-njoint™ products contain a unique serial number that ensures the product is an original E-njoint™ product. The serial number is not only stored in the NFC chip, but is also printed on a transparent removable label on the product.

Register your product online (with the form on this page) and you automatically attend a lottery allowing you to win serious cash.

E-njoint™ is implementing a product recycling program allowing you to return used products, saving the environment. The NFC number ensures you will automatically enroll the recycling lottery where you can also win prizes and cash money.