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E-njoint™ in the media

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March 8 EngineersOnline Love, peace en elektronica
March 6 HP/De Tijd Gezond blowen? Nu is daar de e-joint
March 5 RollingStoned Nieuw: de elektrische ‘cannabis’ joint
March 5 Elektronische joint zonder cannabis ontwikkeld
March 5 Omroep West Delfts bedrijf brengt nieuwe elektronische joint op de markt; met authentieke cannabissmaak
March 5 Het Belang van Limburg Nederlands bedrijf brengt elektronische joint op de markt

May 16 The Cheat Sheet 5 Marijuana Vaporizers Offering a Better, Healthier High (updated)
April 23 Cream Magazin Legal high: pseudo cannabis in an e-cigarette!
April 7 The Blaze Marijuana Flavored E-Cigarettes Hit U.S. Markets Creating Questions about Liberty
April 7 Pot-flavored e-cigarette makes its big debut
April 2 The new Revere Marijuana E-Cigarettes Make Their Way to United States
March 19 The Cheat Sheet 5 Marijuana Vaporizers Offering a Better, Healthier High
March 6 Product Pot Luck? Ben & Jerry talk marijuana ice cream; Dutch company develops cannabis vaping product

April 1 Hello Biz Aux Pays-Bas, un joint électronique veut conquérir les pays interdisant la consommation de cannabis
March 20 Le Journal de Montréal Le joint électronique, maintenant disponible à saveur… de cannabis
March 19 Gizmodo Le premier joint électronique 100% légal est arrivé !
March 12 Les Hommes Modernes Le joint électronique 100% légal est disponible
March 10 Le Soir Le joint électronique, un produit parfaitement légal

March 5

elektroniknet .de

Holländer bringen neue Variante auf den Markt: E-Joint verschafft jetzt überall legalen Kick
March 5 General-Anzeiger High werden ohne Nebenwirkungen E-Joint wirbt mit Cannabis-Erlebnis
March 5 Wer zur Hölle braucht E-Joints?
March 5 Berliner Kurier Er simuliert CannabisAngeblich legal! Was kann der Elektro-Joint aus den Niederlanden?

March 6 Cigarro eletrônico de maconha é totalmente legalizado em todo o mundo
March 8 NE10 Empresa holandesa cria o cigarro eletrônico de maconha
March 9 Diário Digital Empresa holandesa cria cigarro electrónico de cannabis
March 5 Paraná-Online Cigarro eletrônico de maconha promete ser 100% legal

March 6 Empresa holandesa lanza nuevo “porro eléctrico”
March 5 WebAdictos Lanzan un porro eléctrico con sabor y aroma a cannabis
March 5 Día a día Holanda: crean cigarrillo electrónico que recrea sabor y efectos del cannabis

March 9

Vatan Dunya

e-sigaradan sonra e-esrar piyasada!
March 9 Internet Haber E-esrar ürettiler
March 7 İstanbul Haber Hollanda’da e-esrar piyasaya çıkıyor
March 7 Sgk Haberleri Kapitalizmin yeni icadı: E-esrar
March 6 SonHABER E-Sigara’dan sonra E-njoint!
March 6 Hollanda’da e-esrar yakında piyasada
March 6 Radikal Hollanda’da elektronik esrar yakında piyasada
March 6 Elektronik sigaradan sonra elektronik esrar

March 5

Vatan Elektronik esrar piyasada!

Press Releases

English – 5 Mar 2015
Worldwide Legally High With Dutch Electric Joint

Spanish – 5 Mar 2015
Legalmente drogado en todo el mundo con porro eléctrico holandés

French – 5 Mar 2015
Planer en toute légalité dans le monde entier avec un joint électronique néerlandais

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