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Taking vaping to the highest level!

The E-njoint™ is a 100% legal electronic joint, allowing people to enjoy a variety of products and flavors, relaxing, while expressing themselves in a unique way.

Gathering with friends, socializing in cafes and bars, enjoying a water pipe like experience in a healthy way. The E-njoint™ is the latest trend on the market.

The electronic joint contains no nicotine, tar, THC or toxins. The E-njoint™ vaporizes natural Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and 100% biological flavor, harmless and safe components that’s vaporized into water vapor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inside the E-njoint™?

A liquid containing Propylene Glycol, Vegetarian Glycerine and a biological flavor.

This liquid is vaporized into water vapor. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine both are syrup-like liquids that are odourless and colourless. These substances are used every day, in many consumables such as cosmetics, cake mixtures, soft drinks, salad dressings and many more. Glycerine is already used in more than 1500 applications. The majority of which are in the nutrition and drink sector.

Some of our products like the Cannabis Flavoured, contain Terpenes. Press the button below to learn more.

What are Terpenes?

Are there any known side effects?

There are cases known in which Propylene Glycol causes throat ache and muscle aches. Should these complaints return when you use the E-njoint™, you might be allergic to this ingredient. In which case we advise you to stop using the E-njoint™. In most cases of side effects, they only appear once.
Since Propylene Glycol is dehumidifying, it could dehydrate your mouth. Therefore it is always recommendable to keep drinking plenty of fluids.

Will this product get me high?

NO. The disposable product is 100% THC free and will therefore not make you high but will give you a nice relaxing feeling.

When will the new products be available?

Unfortunately we do not have an exact date of release yet. The focus for now is on the latest disposable products. We can tell you that they are coming out soon (just a couple of weeks) and that we will keep you updated through the process!

What will the new products cost?

We will release prices as soon as we release the new products

Is there a minimum age to use E-njoint™?

We recommend not to use the E-njoint™ under the age of 18 and when pregnant. Be aware that the E-njoint™ is NOT an e-cigarette as it contains no nicotine, so in many countries there is no minimum age set by the government.

Can I use the E-njoint™ everywhere?

As opposed to normal cigarettes, there is no tobacco in the E-njoint™. Because of this, the smoke that arises is odourless and not harmful for the people around you. In most cases, you will be able to smoke the E-njoint™ in places where smoking tobacco is not allowed.